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The massages and meditations I offer are part of the Universal Healing Tao (also called Tao Yoga), a system developed by Master Mantak Chia that includes physical and meditative exercises in the context of the traditional Chinese Five Element theory. The focus is on maintaining healthy and promoting vitality, harmony, balance, creativity and inner peace. This Taoist energy and bodywork, which has been passed on for thousands of years, starts a physical, emotional and spiritual harmonization and transformation process.


The philosophy of the Universal Tao and Chi Nei Tsang Massage is to teach you techniques for self-healing in order to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. The body work, mindfulness, Qi Gong and meditation exercises I offer cannot replace any necessary medical measures or treatments. Since I am neither a doctor nor an alternative health practitioner, I do not give any diagnoses or healing promises. 

Events & Seminars

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Die 6 heilenden Laute

Lösche Stress & negative Emotionen

Programmiere Leichtigkeit, Freude & Gesundheit

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