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Taoist abdominal massage

A Chi Nei Tsang© (CNT) abdominal & organ massage supports the detoxification of the organism on a physical and mental level, releases blockages and promotes the free flow of energy throughout the body, resulting in a feeling of relaxation and well-being.


Chi Nei Tsang is mainly applied in the navel and abdominal area, where, according to Taoist teachings, our second brain is located and where stress, tension and unprocessed emotions have accumulated and piled up over the years. Negative emotions such as worry, fear, anger and depression can cause tension in the organs, which impede the functions of the organs and the natural flow of energy.

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Chi Nei Tsang (CNT I): Behandlungen

A Chi Nei Tsang massage does
good because...

  • Strengthening of the immune defense

  • Detoxification and harmonization of the organism on the physical and mental level

  • Supports the optimal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

  • Activation of the digestive system

  • Support for irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence or constipation

  • Relaxation of the nervous system

  • Relaxation of the diaphragm and deeper breathing

  • Support in case of emotional imbalance

  • Stress reduction and relaxation of body and mind

  • Relaxation in case of backache or headache

  • Self-healing powers are activated

  • Improves the free flow of energy in the body

60 minutes: 79 Euro, 90 minutes: 99 Euro, package price: 5 x 60 minutes 350 Euro

Abdominal & footmassage combination - 2 hours: 135 Euro

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  • Do I need to bring anything for the massage?
    Bring the time to do something good for yourself. Everything necessary, such as clean and fresh towels, blankets or a cozy change of pants, is available.
  • What should I consider before a massage treatment?
    Please do not eat anything about 1 hour before the massage. After the massage it is recommended to drink enough water. Please note when to refrain from a massage.
  • When should I refrain from a massage?
    I do not offer massage treatment in the following cases inflammatory or contagious skin diseases during pregnancy inflammations colds and febrile infections cardiovascular diseases or when wearing a pacemaker infectious diseases recent injuries or operations less than 3 months ago suspected cancer cancer that occurred less than a year ago suspected thrombosis Tok Sen massages can unfortunately not be given in case of osteoporosis. The massages I offer are purely "wellness offers". If you have further questions, you are welcome to consult your doctor. Otherwise I refer to my terms and conditions.
  • Do you offer Tantra, Tao or erotic massages?
    No. I do not offer Tantra massages, sensual or erotic massages. Please refrain from inquiries in this regard.
  • How to book the massage?
    For booking please use the online booking form.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay online via PayPal. For the first appointment please choose this payment method online. For further appointments I also accept cash, EC and credit card payment on site.
  • What if I am running late or can't make my appointment?
    You have the possibility to change or cancel your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before the treatment. Otherwise, the booked treatment will be charged. In case of delays, the delay time will be deducted from the massage time. In your interest and in the interest of the following clients, I ask for your understanding for this.
  • What is the refund policy for cancellation?
    In case of cancellation up to 24 hours before the appointment, the amount will be refunded or charged with a new appointment. For a cancellation within 24 hours, the amount will be charged. I refer here to my terms and conditions.
  • Are there any parking places nearby?
    Parking is not possible directly in front of the building, as it is a pedestrian zone. There are several underground garages nearby, such as the Galeria Kaufhof parking garage at Eberhardstraße 28, 70173 Stuttgart. The parking spaces in the nearby streets are subject to charge.
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Die 6 heilenden Laute

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