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Die 6 heilenden Laute

Lösche Stress & negative Emotionen

Programmiere Leichtigkeit, Freude & Gesundheit

MEDITATION: Behandlungen


In the meditation courses and workshops I offer, I teach the basics of Inner Alchemy according to Master Mantak Chia, one of the most important Qi Gong masters of our time and founder of the Universal Healing Tao. The courses are suitable for beginners and advanced learners. We learn to connect with our body, nature, the earth and the cosmos, to recharge and store energy in the our body, to manifest positive emotions and to transform negativity into well-being and inner peace.

Another effective basic technique of Taoist energy meditations are the 6 healing sounds . Through a combination of breathing exercises and movement, stagnant energies and pent-up negative feelings such as anger, fear, sadness and stress are transformed into positive emotions, vitality and wellbeing. Our organs are detoxified and regenerated and we learn to let go, reduce stress and perceive and feel our body anew.

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The Inner Smile Meditation is a basic technique of the Universal Tao. We send energy, light and love from our heart into the individual organs. This activates our self-healing powers, opens our heart and it helps us to accept and love others and especially ourselves as we are. An inner silence arises, and a harmony and satisfaction manifests itself more and more in a generally positive attitude towards ourselves and towards life.

The meditation of the Microcosmic Orbit, is the basis for all other exercises and meditations of the Universal Tao System. We learn to guide, circulate and then store Qi in our main channels, the Governing Channel and Functional Channel. The Governing Channel leads from the coccyx along the spine to the roof of the mouth, the Functional Channel along the front of the body from the mouth back to the coccyx.


By practicing the Microcosmic Orbit, mind and body are supplied with Qi and energy blockages are removed. Meditation helps to reduce stress and tension, supports the dissolving of emotional and physical blockages, energizes the internal organs and increases general well-being.

I offer the meditations according to Master Mantak Chia in combination with Qi Gong lessons. The mediation of the inner smile completes the morning Qi Gong routine, the meditation of the 6 healing sounds is practiced during the evening Qi Gong hours. For classes in English please contact me directly.

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